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This project is ideal for you if:

If you are a man. You have a family, children, life, work and no time for yourself. You want to start training and do not know where and how to start. If you are overweight or want to build muscle. To you to us!

We know what you need. How do you eat and how to build your training process

1. Slimming
2. Adaptation of the body to physical activity
3. Increased muscle volume and strength
4. Laying the foundation to further increase the load

Period: 31.01.2021 - 11.04.2021

Sign up for a 10-week project that will change your life

600 eur./project


Payment in 2 parts 330.00 euro +330.00 euro

Your program contains:

  • Nutrition programs that are individually designed for you and for you. A diet that will introduce the principles of healthy eating into your life and help to overcome a plateau in the fight against excess weight and begin the process of increasing muscle volume
  • A training program that is designed for and for you, taking into account your goals and capabilities.
  • Workshop on nutrition and control of your diet and weight

What is this program about:

Motivation! We will help you take the first step so that sport becomes a part of your life and brings you only joy!

Training in a small male group under the supervision of experienced trainers 2 times a week. Do you know how important it is to perform exercises with the right technique? This is the only way to achieve results in changing the body and avoid injuries. For this, our trainers will keep an eye on you.

A systematic approach to dealing with stress and extra pounds, correction of nutrition programs and training in the process of participation in the project.

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